This past friday, we closed our year of innovation&action meetings, in a very special way. Talking about the importance of learning to manage our Mindfulness basis for work times , our professional and personal relationships, among many other things. But the question that arises is, how? A great question that rodrigo sampedro, founder of the high performance academy and expert in mindfulness, helped us answer. Introducing us to this mindfulness technique that seeks to focus our attention on the present moment.

Focusing fully on what is happening to us

Here and now With a stress reduction program (mbsr), created to help professionals train and cultivate full awareness or mindfulness. Improving attention. Reducing discomfort or stress. And better handling Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data complex situations in the professional or personal sphere. “a bridge between the tangible and the intangible .” after the pandemic, the us suffered a labor phenomenon that we all know as “the great resignation.” nearly 50 million american workers voluntarily quit their jobs.

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A massive event that

Left many companies and multinationals speechless. And that is already happening in spain. A reality that we are already experiencing in our country, which rodrigo also wanted to talk to us about. To confirm France WhatsApp Number List the importance of knowing how to manage our most human part at work . Avoiding these types of reactions, many of them derived from poor management of emotions and everything that negatively affects us at work.


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