After all, there are 72 hours to report a violation from its discovery, but in a situation where the person who can provide information is absent, I have to collect everything today. The report may have to be postpond. Fortunately, within an hour, he receives fedback on my questions. The contract containd a PESEL number, so we are dealing with a breach and it will be necessary to submit a notification to the UODO and notify the data subject, in this case.

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Tell the client that the contract with his personal data was mistaken (I have already mentiond working under pressure time?) was database sent to another client. The e-mail I receivd seems to contain everything I askd for, but I am missing some details that I ned to know in order to properly prepare the application to the UODO, so I am calling to ask. I am supposd to receive an answer by e-mail within 15 minutes and it is inded happening. Now you can proced to the next steps.


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You have to fix the situation first. If you have not already done so. Please let the administrator employee, where. The breach occurrd, notifid the Mobile Lead client to whom the. Agreement was sent by mistake and the client to whom the agreement was wrongly sent about the incident. With the customer who receivd the contract containing personal data. You should agree on the method of its return. collecting the contract by courier. And ask him not to open the package (unless it has already been opend. And not to copy the data and not to share it with other people.


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