For example, you conduct a survey of your business customers. Then, you present the survey findings in the form of a histogram. From there, you can easily get insights about the survey results. Compare to when you have to read the survey results one by one. From clear data visualization, you can turn insights into a better roadmap for company goals. As a result, you can have a measurable strategic framework, in line with business goals, and progress can be monitor more clearly. 5. Facilitate the delivery of insights data visualization not only enables faster access to business insights, but also helps teams to communicate them more effectively. This is important so that the information convey can be understood from top to bottom without causing confusion. You can build visual reports that instantly capture important business insights through a series of graphs and charts. Plus, data visualization tools usually have built-in collaboration features so you can leverage them with your team at the same time.

 Matrix Diagrams

Also read: netflix case study: reach hundreds of million users thanks to big data types of data visualization there are many types of data visualization that you can use, here are the most popular ones: 1. Bar chart data visualization bar chart this is one of the most common types of data visualization. Even elementary school children can recognize it. These charts are often use to show comparisons between different data sets. You can also use a column chart to show data sets over time. For example, data on total products sold in the last 10 years. A bar chart on the horizontal (x) axis which usually contains marker labels Turkey WhatsApp Number List and the vertical axis (y) which contains quantity data. The y axis will usually start from 0. To make it easier to read, you can change the color for each of the bars presented. 2. Line charts line chart example line charts are just as well known as bar charts.

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Pie Charts

These graphs are usually presented to show trends, progress or changes that have occurred over time. Like a bar chart, the data labels on a line graph are on the x-axis while the measurements are on the y-axis. For ease of reading, it’s best if your line charts don’t consist of more than four distinct lines and use striking color variations. 3. Pie charts data visualization pie charts pie charts are often also referred to as pie charts. This graph represents static data divided into categories. Interestingly, the numbers shown here will be in the form of a percentage. That means, when you add up all the separate parts, it has to add up to 100%. Pie visualization is especially helpful in digital marketing, because you can use it in data: market shares marketing Mobile Lead spending consumer demographics customer device usage (for ux testing) online traffic sources due to the limited area it has (only one circle) it’s best to only display a few categories for pie charts so it doesn’t look too congested and hard to read.


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