Examples of Use of Data Visualization

Now, let’s discuss the data visualization function in more detail. Let’s just cuss! 1. Facilitate data understanding one of the most concrete benefits of data visualization is the ease in understanding large and varied amounts of business data. When we talk about data in business, we don’t just discuss the number of sales or profits in a certain period of time. But also product stock, customer data, channel marketing performance, engagement, and much more. Well, fortunately, data visualization can help us highlight important information among a large amount of data. So, insights can be found instantly and are easier to remember. Decision making becomes more accurate and faster. And, they are. Humans are visual creatures. In fact, 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. Moreover, in this internet era, most people have shorter attention spans.

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Just read a line of sentences, uh, sometimes 10 seconds later you have to re-read that part because you forgot. 2. Increase understanding of business operations every business usually has a large number of data sets. Each operational division or company division has its own progress data. Well, data visualization will help you understand this cross-divisional operation. So, you can clearly see the relationship between the various existing business activities. In it, you can also analyze business metrics more easily so that future Tunisia WhatsApp Number List operations can be more optimal, efficient and effective. Also read: understanding marketing strategy and easy keys to understanding it 3. Accurately capture consumer sentiment advances in the internet and technology allow you to access a variety of specific data that is useful for business.

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What are Ugly, Bad, and Wrong Visualizations?

Starting from consumer perceptions about brands, brand-related conversations on social media platforms, spreading news from brands on the internet, and so on. Well, this information is not to be missed. The problem is the bigger the business, the bigger the data that might be collected. The bigger the data, the more difficult it is to interpret. Therefore, through existing visualizations, you can simplify data so that the insights appear real. From there, you and your team can develop business and marketing strategies, adjust brand Mobile Lead reach, improve consumer experience, and optimize sales channels for higher conversions. 4. Ease of accessing insights when you can make good use of data visualization tools and techniques, be prepared to harvest relevant insights more quickly. Well-crafted visuals make it easier for us to uncover subtle patterns in our data set. Especially if the group is very large.

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