How to do the triangulation technique?

That’s why you interview several employees from various divisions. After going through the triangulation process, it can be conclud that most of the respondents acknowledge that the increase in company performance was due to the increase in the number of employees and also the improvement of the work system. Since these results were obtain base on a comparison of opinions from all parties, the results certainly tend to be more objective. Also read: big data and its role in shaping linkedin now what are the types of triangulation? Now, after knowing the importance of triangulation for qualitative research, now is the time for us to discuss the various types of triangulation. Here’s the list: 1. Triangulation theory theory triangulation is a method used to compare information from different theoretical viewpoints .

Define Triangulation Objectives

A simple example like this. Suppose you are trying to prove that a business that has a lot of capital has greater potential for success. You raise this hypothesis base on theory a. However, base on the theoretical b framework, the success of a business does not only depend on the amount of capital. Well, here you can do theory triangulation to prove the actual facts on the ground. 2. Triangulation of data sources triangulation of data sources is an approach that is often use to check the validity of data from various sources . Starting from data sources obtain directly such as interviews and observations, to those obtain indirectly such as documents Ghana WhatsApp Number List and archives. In addition, differences in data sources can also be seen from the respondents who participatE in your research. You can compare the results of your observations from one respondent to another. For example, suppose you are researching the effect of effective communication on improving the performance of a team.

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Triangulation Between Researchers

So, you interview several team members and also the team leader to find out if they agree that good communication is the key to team performance. Since the information you get comes from several data sources. It means that the type of triangulation you are using is triangulation of data sources. 3. Triangulation method in method triangulation. You use various methods to check the completeness of the data and ensure that the data is valid . Since this type of research is qualitative. The type of data mining method use usually uses interviews, surveys, or observation. Then, can the triangulation method also compare the research results with the quantitative method? Certainly can. Sometimes, there are researchers who compare the results of qualitative and quantitative research on the same object. Well, this is include in method Mobile Lead triangulation as well. In other words, when using method triangulation, you need to check whether the information obtain when using different methods is alig or not. 4. Time triangulation with time triangulation, it is clear that the comparative variable is time. So, we will complete the data and also check its validity base on time .

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