Right now, maybe you are doing research, whether to write a thesis, thesis, or other scientific work. Well, one of the terms in research that you need to know is triangulation . Maybe you are still unfamiliar with this term. But don’t worry, because the concept of triangulation is actually quite simple. That is why in this article, we will explain in full the meaning of triangulation, its benefits, and its types. Curious, right? Let’s see more! Contents hide 1 what is triangulation? 2 what is the importance of triangulation in qualitative research? 3 what are the types of triangulation? 3.1 1. Theory triangulation 3.2 2. Triangulation of data sources 3.3 3. Method triangulation 3.4 4. Time triangulation 3.5 5. Triangulation between researchers 4 how to do the triangulation technique? 4.1 1. Define triangulation objectives 4.2 2. Collect data 4.3 3. Analysis of the data obtained 5 let’s use data triangulation to make your research more valid! What is triangulation?

Collect Data

Triangulation is an approach taken by researchers to find more perspectives related to the data found. In addition, generally triangulation is also used to check the validity of the data . So, you can know whether the data you find is suitable for presentation or not. Still confused? Let’s look at the uses of triangulation from a policeman’s point of view. Police analogy in explaining what data triangulation is when handling a case, of course the police will look for a lot of evidence, right? For example, if there is a house robbery case, the police will Vietnam WhatsApp Number List certainly not only dig up data from the host, but also from people around him, such as neighbors, security guards, and others. The goal is to complete the information they have gathered and also to ensure that all witnesses provide information that is in accordance with the facts on the ground.

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Analysis of Data Obtained

Likewise with research, by doing triangulation, you will know whether the data you are researching is complete and also valid. What is the importance of triangulation in qualitative research? Triangulation is one of the most important parts of qualitative research. Because qualitative research is susceptible to being influenced by subjective judgments . In contrast to quantitative research, the facts can be revealed using exact data. Thus, the research results can be more easily viewed objectively. That’s why you need to triangulate if you’re doing qualitative research. To make it easier to understand, let’s take an example: suppose you are researching Mobile Lead the influence of leadership on the performance of a company. Since this is qualitative research, in the end you collect data using the interview method. Illustration of an interview when conducting data triangulation initially, you interview the director of the company first. Based on the results of his interviews, the director agreed that good leadership is the main reason behind the progress of his company. This view is of course still somewhat subjective.


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