Now the facebook pixel has track various events on your website. So, you can find out which visitors are doing the activities you want on the website, such as accessing certain pages or adding products to carts. Arm with this data, you can promote your product back to people who are interest in your product but haven’t made a purchase yet. How to? There are two methods that you can choose from, namely creating a custom audience or a lookalike audience . How to create custom audiences custom audiences are visitor characteristics that are identifi base on events that you set yourself. For example, you can create a custom audience whose characteristics are “have add a product to your cart in the last 30 days”. Here’s how to create a custom audience on facebook: log in to facebook business manager in the left sidebar, click all tools, then select audiences . Audiences option in facebook business manager click the create audience button , then select custom audience .


Create a custom audience on facebook select website as the data source, then click the next button . Website as a data source then, determine the type of event and how long the event is being track ( retention ). The maximum retention you can write is 180 days. Finalizing custom audience creation provide a name and description for the custom audience you create. Then click create audience . How to create a lookalike audience if you’ve create multiple custom audiences, facebook will identify common characteristics from all of the audiences you’ve create. So, you could say a lookalike audience is a custom audience that is create Russia WhatsApp Number List automatically. The way to make it is not much different from a custom audience: log in to facebook business manager in the left sidebar, click all tools, then select audiences click the create audience button , then select lookalike audience . Fill in all available fields, starting from the pixel choice to the location of the audience.

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Seeing the Behavior of Prospective Consumers

Then click create audience. Now, after finishing creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences, people whose characteristics match the event you are targeting will see your product advertisements on facebook and instagram. Also read: 19+ powerful marketing tools in the digital age ready to use facebook pixel? Happy! Now you understand what facebook pixel is and how to make one. Starting from entering the pixel code into the website to retargeting it. That way, your business can take advantage of the potential of facebook ads Mobile Lead more optimally. Because, your ad will appear in front of people who are proven to match your product of course this is great news for your business, because facebook ads is a potential digital marketing channel. So, if you want to develop your business further, there are many more digital marketing channels that you can learn about. Luckily, if you’re interest in learning more about digital marketing practices, you don’t have to look far.


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