You are not restrict in the number of searches you can make every month. account search sales navigator You also got access to the account search engine.Advanc search filters The Sales Navigator search engine which is much more powerful than the basic (job title, company etcExport Sales Navigator leads for free It contains a lot more search filters and additional features. linkin sales navigator plan To learn more about this you can check our article on how you can use Sales Navigator features to generate leads. 

Sales Navigator allow

Access to search results With the basic linkin seo expate bd search engine, you only got access to the first results. With Sales Navigator, that limit is rais to . limit search results sales navigator If your searches have more than results, we got you cover. Here is a tutorial on how to split your searches into several chunks. . Inmails crits With Sales Navigator, you get inmails crits per month, so crits more than Linkin Premium Business. By the way, there is a way to send unlimit inmails on Linkin. Here is a video showing you how to do that. 

Bas on the leads

Lead & Account Listsyou to create target lists Mobile Lead of leads and account so you personalize your outreach, take notes and keep record of your interactions with them. list feature sales navigator . Alerts & Notifications Once you create lead and account lists, you start getting alerts on their activities on Linkin. sales navigator alerts feature These alerts give you business insights you can le Lead recommendations you save into lists and your actives on Sales Navigator search engine, Linkin will recommend leads every week. recommend leads feature sales navigator . Account Insights Looking for account intelligence to personalize your linkin prospecting? account intelligence sales navigator For every account you get access.


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