In this case there are 2 solutions: the first is to ruce the textual or visual contents (embd photos or videos) so that the user can get to the bottom of the text we have prepar; the second is to divide too much content onto two distinct pages. clearly explaining the contents that users will find on the respective pages. You might be interest in: “Web design and development: the differences you ne to know for the development of a company website” A further key element is the combin analysis between the heatmap and the search engine on the site.

There are some consequential questions to ask within the team: “

What queries do visitors who browse our site use?” “Before resorting to the search engine. they try to search for this content within the  country email list    pages” “Do they find this information or do they give up first? At what spe?” If. after consulting the heat maps. we find that users are not finding the content they are looking for and return to the search engine. we have not provid them with the correct information (in the form of links. titles or images) to satisfy their nes. expectations. You might be interest in: “Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics: advantages. privacy. rulings” Heatmaps. link usage and SEO

Heatmap Returning to the topic regarding the length of the page.

The use of links must be carefully evaluat. Sometimes they are absolutely necessary to avoid creating walls of text on a page. Other times the links are exaggerat. remembering that users don’t like to click too many times to get to what they’re looking for. Also in this case. a fair balance is ne. through a use of links also calibrat from an SEO perspective. Using links wisely. even between the company   Mobile Lead website and the blog (and vice versa) as well as connecting the company website to third party sites in an SEO OFF logic. is useful from several points of view: overall usability of the site. promotion of multiple platforms connect to the company and indexing of the same. New call-to-action TweetShare Marco Targa Written by Marco Targa Having grown up surround by numbers and statistical analyses.


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