The resulting set As well as discover everything that is ignor by visitors. us for strategic purposes. This means. in the worst cases. reviewing the layout of the site both in terms of structure and content. following a principle that is as easy to enunciate as it is complex to put into practice: aiming for simplicity of use of the site together with a design in line with the brand characteristics. First of all. it is necessary to evaluate whether there are one or more obstacles for users on the current company website. i.e.

Elements which. in fact. ruce the engagement rate

The resulting set And possible conversions. These obstacles could be sections plac in the wrong position. buttons and rundant or  email list   misleading texts. capable of distracting the user from what he is looking for. Download Inside’s free guide now to discover all the 2022 SEO statistics! First rule: follow the suggestions that come from users In some cases. it is precisely the heatmaps that suggest a new page layout model to marketing departments.

This happens when we notice that users usually follow

The resulting set A certain path during their browsing experience within a page. And specific CTAs or other elements capable of leading the  Mobile Lead  potential customer  in the most appropriate direction should be insert precisely at crucial points. When we talk about layout we are referring not only to the menus but also to the length of the page. If we find that the majority of users do not scroll below a certain point. we know that the contents present beyond that level are not seen and cannot generate useful interactions.


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