Last friday, our last meeting took place before the summer on vibra experiencie: high frequency music to increase your happiness . A different meeting in which we had the opportunity to connect and get to know ourselves, to the rhythm of the high-frequency music of cristina serrato, creator of the escuela del alma . Who knew how to immerse us in a journey of emotions and sensations, through her voice and melody. A journey that began with a very clear and simple question that the speaker asked each of us attendees, as soon as the meeting began: “who are you really?” in order to answer this question,

Cristina made us take

A brief survey in which we were able to discover what type of neurolinguistic learning predominated in us: auditory, visual or kinesthetic . A key piece of information when analyzing everything that affects India WhatsApp Number List us, since as cristina told us, everything starts from the brain . I think, I feel and therefore I vibrate. So, when I have positive thoughts I generate a high vibration and when I have negative thoughts I generate a low vibration. “People will forget what you said, even what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”And there are different scientific investigations and theories that support the strong influence of the brain on our mood, our well-being, and even our productivity.

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A clear example of this was

The discovery made by amy cuddy, a psychologist at harvard , who confirmed how there are certain poses or body postures that increase the production of testosterone and, therefore, help us feel confident and secure . Something that may sound ridiculous, but that undoubtedly Italy WhatsApp Number List confirms the power of the brain in our decision-making and emotions. Knowing this, for cristina serrato it is important to train our mind and thus manage our brain, and therefore, our decisions, moods… Among many other things. To learn how to train it and activate both hemispheres, the expert taught us a series of practical exercises that we can do in our daily lives.


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