What is ai and how to implement it in our daily lives?” with this great question he opened the last innova&action meeting on how to truly implement ai in our companies and businesses with the help of victor peris, co-founder & ceo of indaws and tomás volonté, co-founder & ceo of novolabs. Two great experts in the technology sector who were in charge of guiding us and teaching us the latest trends in artificial intelligence that have already hit the market, and who can therefore help us improve our way of working , acting as tools for improvement and streamlining processes.

Do you remember how we connected

To the internet in 1995? Do you still remember this sound? Not many years have passed since then and yet the evolution of technology has been exponential compared to that time. An evolution and development Malaysia WhatsApp Number List that has been carried out –mainly– over the last few years, in which we can highlight a series of milestones that have marked the history of artificial intelligence , and that have therefore represented a turning point. And an after. And, as our speakers víctor peris and tomás volonté said, this has only just begun .  and artificial intelligence is growing exponentially. To the point of underestimating the change it will generate in the long term.

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A change that is being generate thanks

To the algorithm’s ability to process large amounts of data and make decisions based on patterns and rules established through machine learning . Creating artificial neural networks that are capable of producing Indonesia WhatsApp Number List new data that did not previously exist . This form of generative artificial intelligence. Unlike the discriminative one that was limit to classifying or recognizing data, is capable of creating something that was not there before. As we are seeing in the case of the so famous chatgpt, or other applications. Applications in which a big question arises. Where are we going in the short term? is artificial intelligence going to take away our jobs.


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