What makes a company data driven?” in the past innova&action live we had the opportunity to have the help and participation of the data&analytics expert, macarena estévez , who came to talk to us about how to analyze data within our companies . To begin the talk, macarena wanted How to become  to put us in the context by talking to us about what a data-driven company really is and what makes it , that is, a company based on data. According to her, a data-driven company is one that makes its strategic decisions based on the information provided by data analysis.

Relating that large amount of data

Reports and visualization dashboards that they have, with a series of models and metrics that respond to a “why” within our own company. To the point of establishing recommendations and predictions that have UK WhatsApp Number List a significant impact on the business. Putting data analysis at the center of your strategies and processes. To How to become  be a data-driven company, we must go from having a lot of data to a few key metrics that guide us. To do this, it is necessary to ask the right questions for our company . A well-functioning company must match those metrics with that data.

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Breaking down key questions and seeing

How to get answers from different sources. Answers that help us get to a point in a certain way. “but how can we face it?” for the expert. However, The first thing we must do when analyzing our data. In the company is China WhatsApp Number List to draw. The business ecosystem in which we find ourselves. However, Draw all the elements that exist within the departments of a company and the connections between them. Always keeping in mind that it is an ecosystem in constant movement. Once we have this, the second step would be data analysis and cleaning.


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