For me the lean and agile world is a way of life. It’s not just a methodology.” with these words, diana pottecher , director of innova&action and expert in How to integrate agile methodologies , opened our last innova&action meeting on how to integrate lean and agile in our way of working . Who conveyed to us the importance and value that the use of this type of methodologies and agile ways of working has for her in our professional life. She, along with pablo ortuño, engineering manager at rubiconmd , were in charge of guiding us and teaching us what this so-called “agile culture” consisted of , and most importantly, how to implement it in our daily lives within our work teams.

How many of us know

What our customers want and need?” to begin the meeting, pablo ortuño, and asked us the previous question. And the thing is, more or less we all believe what our clients want. Many even believe they know so much that they do not know how to adapt to the new needs or New Zealand WhatsApp Number List desires of their consumers, as is the case with brands like kodak or nokia. Another problem with assuming what our customers want or how they use our product is the apple mouse or google glasses. However, before reaching that point of no return, pablo ortuño stressed to us the importance of applying different methodologies and techniques that help us identify what our clients want and be able to provide a product adapted to their needs.

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To understand it even better

The expert wanted to share with us an example from his own experience, which helped him learn the importance of applying this type of work methods, such as lean startup and agile. Pablo ortuño, together with Canada WhatsApp Number List some friends from the university, wanted to create a new application to discover nightlife offers. They were developing it for a year without interruption, dedicating numerous hours of work and effort, until they reached a startup accelerator. Once created and launched on the market, they realized that the user did not use it because they did not need it. At that point, they realized that they had assumed what the client wanted, without really checking it first.


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