You will that would help dozens of economic sectors. Norway pioneer in absorbing CO2 As I said before there are already projects deicate to capturing CO2. In Norway what was considere the biggest CO2 capture and storage project was announce last year. His name Langskip . A private project by the Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor but whose two-thirds are paid for by the Norwegian Government . Specifically the Norwegian Parliament approve financing it with 1600 million euros. The objective of Langskip Longship in English is to capture the carbon dioxide generate in a cement plant on the outskirts of Oslo. 

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That CO2 liquefie will be transporte through pipelines to a storage site 2600 meters deep in the North Sea. That way she will be burie underground instead of going up photo editor into the atmosphere. If all goes well the project will be complete in 2024. On plan these facilities will absorb CO2 in quantities of 1.5 million tons per year. Figure that can rise to 5 million tons per year if the project is expande. The idea is to reach the maximum figure of 40 million tons. From there it will be seen if it is possible to store more CO2.

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Those facilities and learn from the experience for future facilities. Capturing CO2 in industry will reuce global warming Find the right technology But you don’t have to go that far to see experiments on capturing CO2. In Spain CSIC researchers at the Carbon Science and Technology InstituteINCAR announce in May this year that they are working on a European project whose objective is to reuce greenhouse gas emissions. More Mobile Lead specifically those arising from industrial sectors such as iron and steel. The project is known by the acronym C4U is funde with 13.8 million euros by the European.


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