Limit on this situation should be settl in Poland by the German company. How to settle design services on a foreign property? The scope of construction services perform on foreign real estate also includes design services. The principle of settling such services will be identical to that of all other construction services. Design services fall under the category of construction services which means that they will be settl in the country where the property is locat. is settl by the service recipient if he or she has the status of an entreprenr. In other cases this obligation is transferr to the service provider As an interesting fact we can mention the interpretation of the Director of the National.

Tax Information Limit on number

KDIL of August which describes the following facts. The entreprenr provides design services also for real estate locat outside Poland. In the case in question the service was provid to an entreprenr from Poland who owns real estate in another country. The applicant philippines photo editor want to determine whether he correctly believ that such a transaction was disclos in item P_ where amounts from the provision of services abroad are report. The Director of KIS found the Applicant’s position to be correct. This is another confirmation that it does not matter for whom the construction service is provid and what matters most is the location of the property.

How to settle the service

Of loaning employees for construction abroad? Lending employees between companies is an interesting alternative for entreprenrs who want to oimize costs. This model Mobile Lead of behavior may also prove to be an alternative for companies that may not have any orders for their employees during transitional periods and in order not to lay them off decide to loan them to another company.

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