The word knowmad is a neologism that was born from the words know (to know) and nomad (nomad). In conclusion, It was used for the first time in 2011 and we owe. It to the financial analyst specializing in the labor market John Moravec. Knowledge nomads are increasingly in demand because companies that want to evolve are forced to adapt to new market needs. In conclusion, They can only achieve this if their staff grows at the. Knowmads the same rate as the expectations of their audience. Today, when artificial intelligence (AI) makes its way into the labor market, knowledge gains more value. In conclusion, And the more skills you develop, the more opportunities you have to be a fundamental part of big brands.

What is a knowmad

The work ecosystem is constantly transforming and those. Who remain faithful to the practices of the past have their days numbered. However, Today’s jobs are designed for dynamic people. A university degree is no longer enough executive email list when evolution is essential. Let’s look at some examples. However, Ten years ago it was unthinkable for companies to operate with teleworking . The era of digitalization changed this concept. Today, 16% of the world’s companies manage 100% of their staff remotely. More and more people are taking up self-employment .

Characteristics of a Knowmads the

Therefore, Knowledge nomads are easily recognized because. They have characteristics that a decade ago were not important in jobs. Therefore, These are its four Mobile Lead most relevant qualities: 1. They practice continuous learning Learning new skills is the main characteristic of the workers  of the future. But it is not about doing one university degree after another. They are practical to study, have learning strategies and use online education and collaboration as training tools. Therefore, Continuous learning helps them transform information. Knowmads the into knowledge, improve productivity and face critical situations.

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