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You have come to this blog and you don’t know which are the most interesting articles of 2021. Don’t worry, here are the best Digital Marketing 2021 articles. On the blog to speed up that search on this website. Like every year, I like to start the year by analyzing the contents of my blog from the previous year. I think it is a good way to see what worked and what didn’t. Furthermore, it is an exercise that I recommend to all of you who have blogs. If you are working. On your brand on Instagram, perhaps this guide will be of great help to improve results.

Measuring our work

Key to knowing what we can write about and what we can’t. With this type company data of exercise, I see what type of content has worked best according to my objectives. For them (visits, monetize, clients, etc.) and thus have clear ideas about what to write this year on the blog. In 2021 I have written 41 articles on the blog , an average of posts/month. And as always, there are posts that stand out more than others, for different reasons. Here I am going to show you the 10 with the best results, according to shares and performance. To select the 5 best blog articles in 2021 in shares .

Articles on I have Digital Marketing

On the engagement they have had on the most important social networks. I have used the Buzzsumo tool and have selected the content with the most shares throughout the year. Then I have selected the 5 posts written in 2021 with the best performance in. Google (positioning) and to do this. Articles on I used Google’s Search Console tool. It is a guide to know how to gain followers on Mobile Lead Instagram for your brand. Where you will see some of the best tips to have more real followers on Instagram and in a natural way. And at the end of the post you will see my best tricks to get followers on Instagram quickly and without paying. 

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