Speaking with colleagues who are dedicat to career guidance and personnel selection, I frequently hear the same “complaint.” it is not unusual for talent professionals to fail in selection processes for which they were, without a doubt, the best option. Of course, the anchoring factors between a candidacy, the position and the company are vari, and there are many who will argue that no one will be able to determine better than the company itself who is the ideal person to occupy the position that you want to fill, since the consultants they will always have an external, more limit and partial vision.

However it also happens

On many occasions, that the candidate is excellent and the company is not so excellent. The pursuit of excellence is, or should be, an aspiration, both in life and in business . Furthermore, it is a Iran WhatsApp Number List dynamic goal since achieving it also means being aware that tomorrow that excellence will no longer be such, and we will have to continue pursuing it. Therefore, non-conformity, innovation and continuous improvement, understood from the perspective of generating value for the customer, must form an essential part of the culture of excellent companies. But sometimes this search for excellence in the business environment is not such, and some principles or laws come into play that we should avoid if we want our company to be a leader.

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What is the peter and dilbert

Principle or the law of contagion of mediocrity dictate by josé ingenieros? The peter principle tells us that, over time, every position tends to be fill by an employee who is incompetent to perform his or her duties . The dilbert principle is given one more twist, and postulates Turkey WhatsApp Number List that incompetent employees are intentionally promot to prevent them from causing harm, suggesting that those who really get the job done in a company are the average workers and not their leaders. Exaggeration or not, it is a probable risk in the business world. On the other hand, josé ingenieros, with his “law”, warns us that mediocrity is contagious.


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