In the past, expecting machines to understand human language seemed impossible. But thankfully not anymore, thanks to natural language processing (nlp) technology . Have you ever heard the word nlp before? Yes, even though its prestige is not as high as ” big data ” or “machine learning”, we actually feel the role of nlp every day. For example, the translate feature on social media and chatbots are examples of using nlp technology. Apart from that, there are many more examples of natural language processing that we will discuss here. But, before discussing it deeper, of course you have to know what natural language processing is, its benefits, and also how it works. Let’s listen to it one by one! Contents hide 1 apa itu natural language processing (nlp)? 2 apa manfaat natural language processing? 2.1 1. Perform a more accurate analysis 2.2 2. Examining lots of data at once 2.3 3. Reducing analysis costs 2.4 4. Understand the market better 2.5 5. Increase customer satisfaction 3 how does nlp work?

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What are the techniques used in nlp? 4.1 1. Part of speech (pos) tagging 4.2 2. Lemmatization 4.3 3. Tokenization 4.4 4. Named entity recognition 4.5 5. Text classification 5 5 examples of natural language processing in everyday life 5.1 1. Autocorrect 5.2 2. Filter email 5.3 3. Machine translation 5.4 4. Chatbot 5.5 5. Voice assistant 6 do you understand natural language processing? What is natural language processing (nlp)? Natural language processing aka nlp is one of the fields in the science of artificial intelligence (ai) aka artificial intelligence. The main goal of this field is to help machines understand human language more UK WhatsApp Number List accurately . So, nlp utilizes linguistics and computer science to “teach” machines how to analyze and find meaning from a chain of words. Illustration of typing words using natural language processing for example, suppose you find a sentence in english which says: ” we need to address this issue “, and you want to translate it into indonesian.

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Then, you use a manual translation tool that nlp doesn’t support. Without understanding the context and meaning of the sentence, the tool translates the sentence into: ” we need to address this issue “. What a mess, isn’t it? Then, after translating the sentence again using an nlp-supported tool, you get the sentence: “ we should discuss this matter ”, which manages to capture the context of the sentence quite well. More or less like that is a brief understanding and description of the use of nlp. Next, we will talk about the various benefits that this technology has to offer. What are the benefits of natural language processing? In fact, the benefits Mobile Lead of nlp are stated in its definition, namely “helping machines understand human language”. But, this sentence still seems to sound quite abstract. Therefore, here are some examples of the benefits of natural language processing that you can experience directly: 1. Perform analysis more accurately imagine you are analyzing hundreds of questionnaires that contain essay answers from each respondent. Must be very troublesome, right?


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