A few days ago we had our innova&action meeting. A monthly experience of learning, creation and exchange of knowledge on a topic of innovation and avant-garde. New products and On this occasion, we spoke with our partners and attendees about the importance of applying the design thinking method in companies and businesses , with the guidance and help of the expert, juan gascá, ceo of thinkersco.

The meeting began by placing

Us in the market change that we have experienced in recent years. To explain it well, juan gascá told us in detail how the business environment has been changing and, therefore, the consumer profile and their way Russia WhatsApp Number List of making purchasing decisions. Showing us a new type of consumers that go beyond the product itself. Customers who, the real and almost only question they ask themselves before buying or contracting a service today is: “Who I want to be?” a question that carries with it a new paradigm.

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Where the decision no longer roots

In the product but in what it reflects and symbolizes . Generating an entire ecosystem around the same product where what is truly important is what your company does to respond to the environment that USA WhatsApp Number List surrounds it. To such an extent that your true product is no longer the “product” you market, but your business model. For this reason, the speaker highlighted three key principles of action to take into account: we must work from needs, not just around possibilities (or make sure that the possibility solves a real need) performance, quality and satisfaction have changed.


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