In this new edition of the climathonvlc, more than 30 professionals from different sectors have been brought together , divided into 6 high-performance teams.  Valencia celebrates Climathon  All of them, throughout these 24 hours without interruption , have worked side by side to offer creative, profitable and, most importantly, real solutions; to the climatic problems that valencia suffers today . However, Total of 34 professionals have made up the challenged groups.

Who in just 24 hours of work

Creativity and effort, had to develop innovative and viable solutions to the climate challenges. Posed by the provincial council of valencia and the municipal sports foundation. The initiative is part of the Spain WhatsApp Number List global event climathon developed by climate-kic. The benchmark meeting for the sector worldwide. In valència, the initiative is promote by the Valencia celebrates Climathon  valència activa foundation.  With the collaboration of the municipal sports foundation of valència. The provincial council of valència and innova&action.

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The provincial council of valencia

The municipal sports foundation have been the organizations in charge of proposing the challenges. Challenges that address some of the most important Vietnam WhatsApp Number List climate problems currently suffered by valencian society. The first of them, the biomass challenge presented by juan josé mayans, head of the water and waste section. However, In which the management of biomass in the province of valencia is propose. As an energy source and alternative to fossil fuels. Two possible solutions have been propose for this problem.


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