Avatar: The Sense of Water , the film that Product Excellence aspires to become the big box office. Hit of the year (as its predecessor was in 2009), will arrive in theaters on December 16 . And to warm up the engines for such a distinguished cinematographic event. Mercedes-Benz has just raised the curtain on a global mega-campaign with the motto “Earth is our Pandora.” The campaign , signed by the agency Team 13 years have passed since director James Cameron swept the box office with Avatar. Nearly three-hour science fiction film that chronicled the romance between the earthling Jake and the alien Neytiri. The sequel to what was once a true blockbuster will soon hit theaters with the aim of once again destroying the box office across the globe.


Aware of the phenomenal Product Excellence hook of the film

Magnified even more by its long wait, Mercedes-Benz has decided . Team up with 20th Century Studios to join the promotional. Fever for the top industry data second part of Avatar . Mercedes-Benz’s alliance with Avatar dates back to 2020 , when the German automaker presented the Vision AVTR concept vehicle at the CES Las Vegas technology show, which aims to forge an entirely new connection between humans, machines and nature. The model, designed in collaboration with Avatar, houses a compostable battery 100% free of rare earths.


Together with Mercedes-Benz we have developed campaign

That sees the Earth as our Pandora and emphasizes our shared values ​​of community, sustainability and respect for the world  Mobile Lead where we live,” says James Cameron, director, producer and screenwriter of avatar . Set in a fantastic universe where exuberant nature and no less lavish fauna prevail. The spot that constitutes the central axis of the Mercedes-Benz campaign makes themes such as sustainability. Future mobility and technology its own . “In the campaign we are committed to the fusion of bionic design and technology to underline the importance of community.


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