Parnaso is an independent agency with 15 years of experience that has established itself as a benchmark within the sector. With the aim of knowing in depth the actions that have led to this growth and the challenges that arise for the future, we have arranged an interview with José Arribas, General Creative Director of the agency. At Parnaso they work with practically all sectors: automotive, culture, fashion, mass consumption, engineering, construction… However, there is something that characterizes them, and that is that one of the agency’s maxims is that they work with a single advertiser per sector . , providing exclusivity to each of them. “We don’t fully understand how it is possible to work for two competing advertisers in the same segment. That is why we work with so many clients and so many sectors ,” explains José.

How to be disruptive in an era of political correctness

One of Parnaso ‘s differentials top industry data is their capacity for daring when designing their campaigns, something that leads them to greatly strengthen themselves within the sector. However, it seems that in an era in which political correctness prevails, boldness can be a double-edged sword. José Arribas defends the importance of combining daring with respect. “ To be disruptive there is no reason to fail anyone. Our hallmark at the agency is that we have to try to make creativity noticeable so that consumers empathize with it, talk about it… Now, for some time now, we are witnessing campaigns orchestrated to generate controversy, so that the campaign is carried out on social networks.

A good time for independent agencies

In a turbulent time like the current Mobile Lead one, opportunities arise for independent agencies. More and more advertisers want to have agencies with an indie profile, something that Parnaso has been able to experience first-hand. “The mergers that have taken place in the last five years have not been successful at all. I am convinced that very soon, the large international holding companies will creatively rearrange themselves and investment will be reversed. Today I do not compete against independent agencies, but against independents, studios, freelancers and, sooner rather than later, against multinationals,” explains the expert.  I see it as totally unnecessary, it seems like a lack of style and education to attack a group. In the end, as Groucho Marx said, not laughing at anything is stupid, but laughing at everything is stupid,” José confesses.


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