Revealing the secret – does campus recruitment software really rely on recruitment for profit?

The current employment environment is really unfavorable for fresh graduates. The impact of the epidemic has reduced the total demand for recruitment. At the same time, enterprises are turning to experienced in-service talents, and new graduates are facing greater challenges.

2. These recruitment software are mainly aimed at Betting Email List graduates from non-first-class schools. Although these users had almost no chance of entering well-known companies, the software provided them with a channel to submit their resumes, which inspired their hope. What’s more, the software itself is free to use, and the user cost is very low.

Is the position of product manager a pit? Do you still want to jump in! !

Job Function Email Database
Fuck you, product manager! ! ! This thing sounds very tall, with the word manager in its name, it must be the core senior management of the company, or it is a management post, or the leader of the company’s products, it sounds like…
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3. At present, the demand of enterprises for fresh graduates is increasing. On the one hand, enterprises can reduce labor costs by exchanging old employees and recruiting fresh graduates. On the other hand, fresh graduates have more training space, more plasticity, and easier adaptation to corporate culture. These factors have increased the demand for graduates from enterprises.

3. I designed a campus recruitment ecosystem through the existing campus recruitment software
1. Product positioning
The mobile job-hunting product for fresh college graduates helps fresh graduates find suitable jobs smoothly by providing services such as job-seeking counseling and interview preparation for students, as well as talent recommendation services for enterprises.

  Target users

Fresh graduates from colleges and Mobile Lead universities: Inexperienced and job-hunting pressure
Enterprise HR: need to efficiently acquire high-quality fresh graduates
3. User Pain Points
Fresh graduates: Weak resume, lack of interview skills
HR: You can obtain a large number of resumes for free and complete your performance goals
4. Product function (this iteration direction is formal and reliable)
(1) Online learning

Interview skills courses, workplace soft skills courses, business case courses, etc.

(2) Mock interview

Choose different positions for interview drills, support video and manual scoring.

(3) Job recommendation

Intelligent job recommendation based on user profile and preferences.

(4) Enterprise services

Enterprises can post jobs and filter matching recommended candidates.



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