How to increase the barrier design for high-risk operations?

Do the opposite. When designing a medical SaaS system, most of the work done by experience optimization is to “lighten.  the system: simplifying, shortening the process, reducing links, and improving the efficiency of user operations. In some high-risk operations, our strategy is often the opposite, and all strategies revolve around a core: setting up obstacles. A increasing the time for users to make cautious decisions,

 Set approval and lengthen the link

When most patients return to the clinic for follow-up Crypto Email List visits. The referral doctor and the first visit doctor are not the same.

As for clinics, in order to reduce medical risks and realize traceability of medical responsibilities. It is generally required that returning. A doctors cannot modify the medical records filled in by previous doctors, and can only add or reuse previous diagnoses.

If the follow-up doctor needs to modify the medical record, a high-risk operation is triggered at this time, and a manager with higher authority needs to be requested to approve the editable permission. After the approval is added, responsibility can be traced to ensure that medical risks are controllable.

Job Function Email Database

When reviewing important data, an approval process  Mobile Lead  is also required to ensure data security.

For example, the salesman of the clinic wants to check the financial operation data of the clinic, and the system can judge it as a high-risk operation (financial data is a major data of the clinic), so layers of approval are often added at the entrance to increase the burden of viewing data.


3. Lock in time to avoid simultaneous collaboration

For example, in the “Blue Lake” collaboration system mentioned at the beginning of the article, when front-end A and B have editable permissions at the same time, in order to avoid irreversible loss of design resources caused by simultaneous editing, when A is editing at the same time,

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