Starting from chatbots to voice recognition features . Although not all data analysts apply machine learning. But at least machine learning can teach new and efficient data processing methods. 6. Business knowledge basically, this is not a must-have skill for data analysts. However, by having broad insight into business knowledge, data analysts can more easily dig up relevant data related to business needs. An understanding of business science can facilitate communication between data analysts and managers when discussing the relevance of analysis results to business goals. You can learn non-formal business knowledge, as well as knowledge and skills as a data analyst. Even so, it is not uncommon for data analysts to have a formal educational background in statistics , mathematics , computer science , or management . However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t come from that department. Because you can still learn data science on your own, really! If you are always diligent in learning and practicing skills.

Data visualization

Your path to becoming a data analyst is still wide open. Also read: what is data mining? The following is the definition and examples of practice! How to become a data analyst: where to start? Okay, now you know the various skills needed to become a data analyst. But where should you start? So, if you want to become a pro data analyst, follow these steps: 1. Master basic insights first first of all, of course you have to master a variety of basic insights first. For example, technical insights such as programming languages, statistics, to data visualization. This one step does not only apply to the data analyst profession. Because, whatever career path Mexico WhatsApp Number List you choose, you must master the basic knowledge first. The trick is, you don’t need to master all the theories perfectly. Because, the real knowledge you will get when doing practice. That’s why the next step you should take is to work on the project.

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Structured Query Language (SQL)

Start trying to work on the project maybe you think, where can you get a project? Especially now that you are still in the learning phase. Relax, because there are many data analysis projects that you can find on the internet. Here are some examples of projects that novice data analysts usually work on: data scraping: this project is very simple. You only need to retrieve data from the internet, then convert it into a usable format. Examples of tools you can use are parsehub or octoparse . Exploratory data analysis: this project aims to analyze patterns in a dataset. Usually these projects are run using python or r based algorithms. Data visualization : remember, the data analyst’s job is not only to analyze data, but also to present the results of data Mobile Lead analysis. So, you can try working on a data visualization project using tools like canva graph maker or tableau public . After working on these projects, what do you need to do? Of course build a portfolio! 3. Build a portfolio a portfolio can be likened to a “dowry” that can make you look prospective in the company’s eyes. So, make sure you save the various projects that you have worked on in your portfolio.


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