In this Facebook Ads tutorial you will learn how to create an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads from scratch. Therefore, and I will guide you step by step, from the creation process. Account setup, to the campaign creation process. To make it easier for you to follow this Facebook Ads Guide you will find 2 videos. Therefore, where I teach you in a practical way aspects that I consider very important and key. Are you still reluctant to advertise on Facebook. Do you want to increase the results of your Facebook ads campaigns.

What is Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, the platform that allows advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, is one of the most successful tools online. Do you know what Facebook Ads is. What should you email database take into account to have a successful campaign. In this Facebook Ads tutorial I am going to explain how to create. Therefore, a Facebook ads campaign from scratch and some of the keys to making your campaign successful . Go for it! Advertising is something that Facebook only conceives for companies . What is Facebook Ads and what is it for Only with a personal profile you cannot run campaigns because the ads always have a page as the issuer.

How advertising works on Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook Ads works similar to other platforms. Although not all the details of the algorithm are known, we do know the most important things. There is a bidding system whereby higher quality ads are cheaper and have priority when being Mobile Lead  printed on users’ screens. What we should try to achieve is that our ad has the highest quality possible on a scale of 0 to 10 . The higher the score of our ad, the more economical it will be and will have a greater reach. Another example of this is that Facebook does not provide analytics data to personal users, while fan pages have this information as soon as they exceed the 50 fan barrier. 

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