If we look back we all remember very old email accounts like Altavista or Yahoo. One better known internationally as Hotmail, but many of these email account providers fell into disuse. The appearance of better email management programs such as be Gmail or Outlook. Although today Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail are some of the most used email providers in the world in 2018. There are other email alternatives that we will see at the end of the article. I will start by explaining how to create an account in Outlook and how to create an account in Hotmail. Creating an email is simple, doing it with the best email tool. The one that best suits your needs, that is no longer so simple.

Outlook and Hotmail email functions

Calendar:  The new calendar, much simpler and more social. We recently saw how it was updated to adapt to the new Outlook email interface and with excellent results very easy access. To all functions, sharing calendar and much more, import. Therefore, export and everything what job function email list you need to remember synchronized with all your devices. OneDrive: Microsoft’s free storage cloud is available for us to upload any type of file with your Outlook email account. Therefore, we can manage them as we wish, sharing content with contacts and many more. That we can do through the OneDrive applications, either on your computer , Smartphone or PC.

Alternatives to Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail

When it comes to email providers. Therefore, we should never ignore any specific brand and the truth is that every time. New providers are born that are worth taking a look at and that are a real Marketing List  alternative to other better-known email providers. Gmail has more than 1,000 million users, which is said early but is truly outrageous. But it’s not at all clear that these options are worth taking a look at.

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