Last Tuesday, June 7, the Personal Development and Leadership Club took place , we were introduced to Positive Discipline. What Positive Discipline advocates is that stopping focusing on ourselves and starting to do things for others will make ourselves feel better. That remaining feeling of helping others is more satisfying than if the motivator is our own person. The key points of this discipline seek to create a learning model applicable to all areas of life. Whether professional or personal.

Don’t use fear Not preach

But act Don’t lecture Act kindly and firmly Positive Discipline provides the tools to foster respectful relationships and highlights the importance of the feeling of belonging. This feeling is based on establishing links of Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data reciprocity and showing that the people around us are important, otherwise connection is not encourage and horizontal relationships are not establish. This, as we have already advance, is applicable to the family, the couple and work teams. If there is no respect, if connection and bond are not encourage, fear is resorte to and we are not ourselves exemplary values.

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What results is a fight motivate by

The hierarchy that is trying to be impose. Which translates into eagerness. of power, a term introduce by Adler, one of the fathers of Positive Discipline. After knowing these and other aspects of this discipline, we begin the second part of the session through the High Turkey WhatsApp Number List Letter methodology. The High Card is the role that each person adopts in situations of tension and stress . Knowing the High Card is interesting for oneself in order to detect the strengths and weaknesses that emerge in these types of situations, but it can also be interesting for others. Thanks to this knowledge, it is possible to foster relationships of respect and tolerance in family and work environments.


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