In our last Innova&action meeting we had as protagonist the true protagonist of all of them: the participants. Therefore, in a session directed and moderated by Olga Broto, director of Innova&action, we had the opportunity to return to the basic issues that make innovation possible , get to know and recognize each other a little better and share information that allows open and cross innovation for companies. participating organizations. We begin by analyzing what innovation is in order to examine whether our organizations are truly innovative.

After laying the foundations of

What we considered and did not consider innovation and its why, attendees were able to share what their level of innovation is, the reasons for it and some of the projects that exemplify it. The session continued by Iran WhatsApp Number Data delving into one of the key elements of innovation: value creation. To do this, starting from the perspective of that “ client ” (internal or external) for whom value is created, the different aspects in which value could be created were determin. Later, in work groups, those areas in which the companies usually work were determin. Next, it was discuss which ones should be work on and why.

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Although when organizations and entities

Are analyze in a general way it is often discover that they innovate in one or two dimensions and, often, similar ones, in the case of the companies UK WhatsApp Number List that make up Innova&action it was reveal. That the aspects on which they work innovation are very diverse. Further evidence of the truly innovative profile of the Club’s members. After a fantastic breakfast in such an exceptional setting as the Valencia Silk Museum restaurant, the participants got to work to get to know each other a little better.


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