Many companies have manage to break the usual limits of growth that are generated by commercialization and traditional market actions. Growth Why bet on  hacking is the strategy and way of acting that has allowed many startups to scale such as dropbox, mailbox, twitter, facebook, evernote, instagram, mint, appsumo and stumbleupon, among others. Instead of making hyper-expensive product launches using traditional marketing strategies, these companies knew how to grow from below, taking advantage of their technical capabilities.

Their ingenuity and concern to test new ideas

Implement a process of constant experimentation that broke the status quo of what they was establish. Unlike other companies, those that apply growth Canada WhatsApp Number List hacking are committe to attracting their customers using metrics and avoiding carrying out one-time actions that have no return , such as a large isolated marketing campaign. “in the absence of large marketing budgets, startups have learned how to hack the way they build their companies.” growth hacking is not hacking anything.

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It is being enormously

Creative using the data available to build functionalities that make the contracting of the service or the purchase of the product greater: that it grows. It is a systematic process of experimentation where Brazil WhatsApp Number List you try things that may or may not work, and you learn in the course of the activity rather than trying to get everything right all at once. These techniques can help us scale sales, improve the key performance indicators (kpi’s) of the business, attract new customers and even set up automated sales funnels.


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