That way, your business has the potential to get a greater number of sales, and the costs you spend on advertising will not be in vain. It’s different if you don’t use facebook pixel. Ads for your product may appear in front of people who are completely disinterested, and your investment in advertising could end up losing money. 2. Seeing the behavior of prospective consumers you may be curious, before making a purchase, what is the process that consumers go through? Well, fortunately facebook pixel can show the behavior of potential customers. For example, after seeing an ad on a mobile device, consumers immediately switch to a desktop to make a purchase. You can consider data like that during the next advertising campaign. So, the ads you display can really bring potential customers closer to the buying process. 3. Retargeting as discussed above, this one benefit can help you show ads to the right people. For example, people who put your product in their cart (online shop) or add it to their wishlist.

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But are still delaying their purchase. So they don’t forget about your product, facebook pixel can help you get your product back in front of them, both on facebook and instagram. Very useful, right? How does the facebook pixel work? Ok, now you know that facebook pixel offers a lot of benefits. But.. How does it actually work? Here’s the summary: 1. Pixel code entered into website first of all, you need to enter the facebook pixel code into your website. The code is used to track visitor activity, and the code can only be active if the visitor allows the use of cookies . Because cookies are files that allow you to track certain information from your Portugal WhatsApp Number List website visitors. 2. Pixel collects visitor data there are dozens of visitor activities that the facebook pixel can track. These activities can also be referred to as events . Here’s the list: add to cart – visitors add products to the cart. Add to wishlist – visitors enter a product into a wishlist.

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Make sure the Pixels are working properly

Aka a list of products they like. Add payment info – visitors enter payment information when making transactions on your website. Complete registration – visitors fill in the registration form on your website. Purchase – visitors make purchases on your website. Leads – visitors engage in activities that show they are interested in your product. For example, let’s say they register for the webinar you’re holding. Search – visitors are looking Mobile Lead for something on your website. This activity can be tracked if you provide a search feature. View content – ​​visitors access certain pages on your website. Initiate checkout – visitor clicks the buy button. However, the transaction has not been completed. Contact – visitors click the contact button on your website. Customize product – visitors choose products on your website.


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