For example, suppose they click on the product variant they want. Find location – visitors are looking for your business address. Donate – visitors make donations for the benefit of your business. Schedule – visitors schedule meetings to talk about your product or business. Subscribe – visitors subscribe to the services your business offers. Start trial – visitors register for a free trial of your product. In other words, they are interested in trying your product. Submit application – visitors register for the service or program you offer. Out of the many available events, which will the facebook pixel track? You can define the events you want to track yourself . For example, you could ask the pixel to track visitors who subscribe and start trial activity . Thus, the facebook pixel will “tag” every visitor who performs these two activities while on your website. 3. Determine the ideal target market & retargeting after the facebook pixel tracks the specified events, you can find out the behavior of the target market you are targeting.

Add the Facebook Pixel Code to the Website

With this data set, you can create custom audiences , which are visitor characteristics based on the events being tracked. For example, suppose you want to display ads to visitors who have done add to cart or add to wishlist activities . All you have to do is select both events when creating custom audiences . So, when they see an ad for your product on facebook or instagram, they might be intrigued to continue purchasing. Also read: 7+ digital marketer skills that many companies are looking for how to create a facebook pixel in 5 easy steps so, now we’ve come to the part we’ve been waiting for. Time to learn how to install facebook pixel! Before Qatar WhatsApp Number List that, make sure you already have a website and a facebook account . Because without both, the steps in this tutorial will not work. The method is not too complicated really. Let’s discuss the steps one by one: 1. Create a facebook pixel have you logged in to facebook?

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Create a Facebook Pixel 

Great, now follow these steps: log in to facebook events manager . Hover over the left sidebar. Then, click the connect data sources button . Connect data source facebook event manager check the web box , then click the connect button . Connect new data source facebook pixel next, you need to create pixels. So, write the pixel name in the column provided, then click the create pixel button. Create facebook pixel enter your website url, and make sure the url is complete with “https://”. Then, click the check button. After the checking process is Mobile Lead complete, click next . Enter the website url to create a facebook pixel next, select the pixel only option , then click the next button. Pixel only facebook pixel options 2. Add the facebook pixel code to the website now, you will be faced with three options for installing pixel code on your website, namely: adding the pixel code manually – you have to manually enter the pixel code into the header of your website.


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