10 free programs to convert speech to text. Save time when writing long texts such as emails, teaching papers, blog articles, just using your voice, do you know how? using the function of transcribing voice to text , that is, converting audio to text using online and totally free programs. If we refer to mobile phones, we send text messages through WhatsApp or email less and less, and we prefer to send voice notes, so it is easy to think that in a short time this functionality of converting audio to text from our own mobile device will be a essential and basic element in our communication.

Speech Notes & Online voice recognition

 Speech Notes: Speech Notes seems like a good application to convert audio into text online. Very easy to use and it shows you a legend with voice commands that you can use, for example, when you want to write a comma or a period or simply make a line break. Features of Speech Notes Very easy to use and very intuitive. It has an app so we can also use email contact list it from our mobile device. A very good free alternative to paid voice recognition applications. Online voice recognition: This online voice recognition program is actually quite versatile because it allows you to convert audio to text and vice versa. Online voice recognition features: You can save the document in txt or word format. It allows you to send the work by email or print it. Easy-to-use online voice recognition program.

Voice Texting Pro & Active Voice

Voice Texting Pro: With this application we can convert any audio to text easily and from any smartphone or tablet with an iOS system. Active Voice: Good voice recognition app for iOS devices to convert your voice into text and send it by email or WhatsApp. I end up with a different app that integrates very well with the WhatsApp app, and through which Mobile Lead we can convert the audios into texts. This can be very useful when you are walking down the street and the noise prevents you from hearing the audio that has just been sent to you via WhatsApp.

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