Scoop: agreement between Mercosur and the European Union takes animal welfare into account On October 2, the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission held in the European Parliament made public an agreement between the European Union and Mercosur that stipulates that eggs imported from Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina must comply with European animal welfare standards. to avoid the cancellation of tariffs and thus benefit from the provisions of said agreement. The most important thing about this agreement is that for the first time animal welfare requirements are taken into account as a condition for the elimination of tariffs.

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Required egg producers in the countries that belong to the Community to enrich and expand chicken cages and this is why, to a significant extent, the living conditions for them are better than in countries of the UAE Phone Number List Community. Latin America. Thanks to this agreement, which requires Mercosur countries to adapt to European Union regulations, the suffering of millions of chickens will be reduced. << Anterior Next >> More popular How to report animal abuse and cruelty in Mexico? (Part 1) June 19, 2020 All people can report animal abuse and cruelty, below I will give you a brief guide to know how to do it.

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Green chicken meat

What is this? There is something much more worrying than the green color of chicken meat: the reason why it turns that way. You didn’t know it, but chickens are actually like very intelligent feather cats or dogs. April 17, 2017 We are not here to repeat what popular belief says Africa Phone Number about them. Today we tell you what chickens are really like. Animals endowed with surprising intelligence and sensitivity similar to that of mammals and primates. SUBSCRIBE Receive the best news and the most effective ways to help animals!  indicates required fields First name. By subscribing you agree to receive information from Animal Equality and its privacy policy.


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