What are the most important issues we feel should be given attention?
What is the goal through our solution?
Making complex decisions always makes us dizzy.
We may face several big problems at the same time..

.. and it is difficult to identify which one should be paid attention to first.

By taking the time to write down an idea or problem, we will be able to pull out various issues that are hidden behind it.

Once you have successfully broken down those issues, then you will be able to focus and identify which ones are most important.

With self-reflection a Muslim will realize how many sins or weaknesses he has

This is where the importance of writing a journal Phone Number List helps us see clearly every information, weakness and problem that exists.

In Islam, this concept has long been introduced, known as “Muhasabah”

Indeed, a believer is responsible for himself, therefore he should always reflect on himself to Allah SWT

— Imam Hasan al-Basri

He will always remember those weaknesses and understand the implications of them.

This will be an impetus for him to continue to improve the quality to formulate the next steps.

I think you have seen the point here.

Closing: It’s About Productivity..
You need to know that in today’s world, productivity is no longer about producing many things at once.

But it is about the speed at which we can learn new things, and our capacity to think critically and creatively .

It’s about quality.

The habit of writing a journal is a very valuable investment for us to learn more deeply and be more creative.

Therefore take about 5 minutes a day to complete your journal each day

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Which one do you think you learn and understand better?

Unfortunately, most of us are no longer involved with Mobile Lead exams, projects, studies or classes to engage more deeply with information.

It seems to float in our minds for a while, before it eventually fades and is forgotten.

So how can we make our knowledge not just disappear?


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