The first step, which will allow you not only to refresh the content, but also to save time, is to analyze the existing content. This is also the step that many people find most disappointing.

During the analysis, you will find out which content is not working. This may be content that has consumed you a lot of time and energy to prepare it.

Content analysis will be improved by KPI indicators that you have developed while creating your marketing strategy. Thanks to them, it will be easier for you to decide which content you want to refresh and which updates should be given the highest priority.

Check it out on the example of two of your posts from years ago:

  • One of them constantly increases website traffic .
  • The conversion rate from the second post decreases month by month, but the traffic stays the same.

As you can probably guess, the secondprocess Phone Number List will post should take precedence.

When creating your content marketing strategy, don’t make the mistake of thinking only about search rankings and traffic. This will lead to content that is eye-catching and praised, but not delivering measurable results for your business.

What to pay attention to during a content audit?

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Here are some suggestions that may align with your marketing goals:

  • For content that raises awareness, look for declining user engagement rates. This is decreasing website traffic, lower click-through rate and ranking in search results.
  • When it comes to “heating” content, i.e. content that dispels user doubts, focus on the click-through rate to landing pages and the conversion rate on individual calls to action (call-to-action)
  • For content that you expect to convert, focus on declined purchases or incomplete signups.

Once you’ve gathered this information, you can prioritize content changes and updates. First, focus on:

  • “Biggest but not newest blockbusters,” which are older bits of content that are still highly relevant to both your audiencees Mobile Lead so and your business strategy.
  • “Hidden Gems” or high-quality, business-strategic content that never caught the attention of your audience or delivered the expected results.

Prioritizing these categories helps ensure you don’t waste time and energy refreshing content that isn’t worth maintaining. Instead, you can combine them with other materials, or get rid of them altogether.


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