When you want to start a business, the first step you have to take is. Check out 6 Examples of to conceptualize what kind of product will be offered to customers. This is known as product branding. This is so that customers know exactly what kind of product they will use.

Branding is the first step in a product offering. The more interesting the concept and acceptable to customers, the more captivated they will be and will be willing to buy the products offered.

Products that are known by many people, both online and offline, are one of the impacts of product branding that is carried out consistently. To add to your understanding, let’s look at the following 6 examples of branding activities!

In introducing a product to customers, of course you have to know the activities or steps. That must be taken so that the brand can be recognized by many people. Here are 6 examples of product branding activities in business!


Analysis related to Competitor Products and Target Market Expectations


In the business world, you cannot avoid competitors. Many businesses issue ideas and innovations so that their sales are able to reach the right target customers.

Therefore, you need to do an in-depth analysis of what kind of efforts are being made by competitors, what are the product forms, prices, offers, and so on.

Apart from that, you also have to consider what kind Azerbaijan Mobile Number List of market expectations you want to target. Is your product really what they need, or just a wish.

What is Competitor Analysis? Understanding & How to Do It

You as a business owner must determine a name and vision for the business you are running. This is very important because later it will be used as an icon of the product you are selling.

Uniqueness such as the shape of the logo, appearance, and different methods of marketing. Will be difficult for competitors to imitate, so that your product will give a special impression to customers.

Have a Representative Slogan

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The slogan is the main attraction for customers. Apart from explaining and describing a product, a slogan also forms a belief for customers to choose the product you offer.

One example is the slogan on Sprite products Mobile Lead that reads, “ In fact it hurts.” It looks simple, short, and solid, but is able to describe the situation before and after the buyer consumes it.

Slogans that are able to make buyers feel the meaning of the slogan itself will usually invite buyers to come try it. This is because they feel confident about the product to be used.


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