Therefore essential to conduct an in-depth analysis of the organization through risk assessment and business impact analysis . In order to identify the risks. Threats. Vulnerabilities and impacts of a crisis. This process allows you to establish a scale of priorities to evaluate the most probable situations and .Each member of the crisis management team. Business continuity planning- focuses on the continuity or restoration of specific business activities and resources ne to provide products and services. These plans include procures.

Implement the actions necessary to trea Each member of the crisis management team

As well as prepare plans that guarantee organizational resilience. Such as: business continuity. Risk management. Disaster recovery. Crisis management. Emergency and crisis communication. The objective  europe email list is to spread a culture and attention towards crises throughout the organization. Considering that their management affects the possibility and spe of recovery of the organization. In fact. An organization unprepar for a crisis risks losing control of events and their consequences Therefore

Putting its survival at risk Each member of the crisis management team

A crisis management professional – synergistically support by risk management. Business continuity. Disaster recovery. Emergency and crisis communication professionals – has the objective of restoring order in a situation Mobile Lead that tends to degenerate. This includes safeguarding people’s safety. Minimizing risks. Ensuring business continuity and protecting company assets. Including reputation.


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