Since October 10, 14 cities joined the C40 Declaration of Cities for Good Food to promote better nutrition for health and the planet. C40, also known as the Climate Leadership Group, connects 94 of the world’s largest cities to take action for a more sustainable world. The cities that have signed the Declaration are Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Guadalajara, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Oslo, Paris, Quezon City, Seoul, Stockholm, Tokyo and Toronto. In order to meet their objectives, the mayors of each of these cities will work to put into practice food policies that allow their citizens to try the “Planetaryand thus be able to increase the consumption of healthy, delicious and sustainable foods that are they shop in cities and make these more affordable for everyone.

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UN suggests opting for vegan diets in the face of climate change In Mexico, Guadalajara has been the city that has taken a step forward to support a plant-based diet that takes animals and the planet into account. Its Sweden Phone Number List mayor, Ismael Del Toro Castro, said: “In Mexico, more than 20 million tons of food are wasted every year, which generates greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the planet’s environmental catastrophe; Therefore, in Guadalajara we are aligned with actions to strengthen a sustainable culture with the creation of urban gardens in the city and the promotion of sustainable food systems that favor new, healthier consumption habits.

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Our current food production system

The planet since industrial livestock farming is responsible for emitting 14.5% of global greenhouse gases , in addition to an impressive waste of resources such as water and land and polluting both. According to research by C40, this figure will rise to 40% by 2050. Also UAE Phone Number List according to C40, eating a sustainable diet as indicated by the Planetary Diet would reduce gas emissions by 60% , provide a balanced diet for 10 billion people and save 11 million lives each year by preventing diseases associated with unhealthy diets . The proposed Planetary Plate consists of half vegetables and fruits and the other half should contain grains, whole grains, vegetable proteins, unsaturated oils and, optionally, small portions of animal protein.


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