By Writing We Will Learn And Understand Better

In this day and age, we are all constantly absorbing a lot of information – all the time.

It doesn’t matter through word of mouth, social media, internet. However, Information is always at your fingertips.

But:The key to learning is to stop passively absorbing information, and start actively engaging with the ideas we receive.

Try to imagine a student who notes down what his teacher mentioned verbally

.. compared to students who formulate all this Whatsapp Mobile Number List information in separate verses and then relate it back to the concepts studied before.

Which one do you think you learn and understand better?

Unfortunately, most of us are no longer involved with exams, projects, studies or classes to engage more deeply with information.

It Seems to Float in Our Minds for a While. However, Before It Eventually Fades and is Forgotten.

So How Can We Make. Our Knowledge Not Just Disappear?

One of the effective ways to strengthen what we learn or read is through reflective writing .

It has been found that the habit of journaling will help train attention and strengthen neural pathways.

According to neurologist Judy Willis :

The Practice of Writing Can Enhance the Brain’s Intake. Processing, Retaining, and Retrieving of Information… It Promotes. However, The Brain’s Attentive Focus … Boosts Long-term Memory. Illuminates Patterns, Gives the Brain Time. However, For Reflection, and When Well-guided, is a Source of Conceptual. Development and Stimulus. Of the Brain’s Highest Cognition.

Reflective writing has been proven to improve decision-making skills and critical thinking levels

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Journals prove to be an invaluable tool to look Mobile Lead back on past experiences, evaluate past actions, and formulate understandings to face future challenges.

Writing will clarify thoughts and help us become more mature in looking at an issue.

The habit of writing will “force our brain to work effectively” organizing the structure of ideas and arguments better..

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