The Social Security Code governs accidents at work by imposing certain well-defined conditions. To enter in the box of “the accident at work ” , the injury must occur during working hours and in the workplace. This place does not only concern the company premises, it includes the construction site or the sectors of intervention in the event that the employee’s mission involves travel. The employee must be able to prove that there is a link between the accident and the damage suffered.

Criteria of the work Pharmacies Email List accident, according to the public service
To be qualified as an accident at work, the event must meet several criteria:

a sudden event (a fall for example);

bodily or mental injury;
the occurrence of the accident during or on the occasion of work.
The commuting accident must take place during the round trip between the place of work and one of the following places:

the main residence;
a secondary residence with a character of stability;
any other place where the worker usually goes for family reasons;
the place where the employee takes Mobile Lead his meals (canteen, restaurant for example) during his working day.
To know :
An accident occurring during the suspension of the employment contract ( strike , holidays in particular) is not considered work-related.

The steps to follow

Job Function Email Database
– The declaration of the accident
Since the employer cannot systematically be aware of the accident suffered by his employee, it is the latter’s responsibility to inform him. The employee must provide all relevant information, including the place, date and circumstances of the accident. If he is unable to travel to inform his employer, he can ask his relatives to do so. Only then can the employer report the accident to the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM). Note that he is not obliged to travel, he can do it online.

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