They are quite a trend: healthy, nutritious, sustainable and free of animal cruelty! When Amanda Pinto, the daughter of the owner of Mantiqueira Alimentos, the largest egg producer in South America, ask the team In Brazil and of leading advisors of this company to finance her project to create an alternative product to eggs made from plants and, therefore, Therefore, to reduce the impact of its production on the environment, one of the first things he did was ask them: “Do you want to become the next Kodak?” For Pinto, it is very clear that consumers are currently more concerne about their health and the impact that their purchasing decisions have on the well-being of animals and the planet.

For her the direction is clear

The future of the egg production market is that they are chicken-free. N.ovo, the greatest invention in Brazil on the planet  is a product made from vegetable protein that allows you to easily and successfully replace Italy Phone Number List chicken eggs in preparations such as cakes. Pancakes, cookies and other desserts and that does not imply environmental impact (pollution and waste of resources) and cruelty. towards the hens and chicks. “N.ovo’s objective is not vegan, vegetarian or other people. It is people who know that they must reduce their impact on the environment. I don’t like labels or labeling my clients, it is for everyone.

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Amanda Pinto for Harvard

Business Review Summit Mexico is sold in an egg carton and costs almost the same as these. This year the company hopes to launch another product to prepare scramble eggs and omelettes. VeganEgg Out of concern about the suffering of animals in the egg industry and the damage Saudi Arabia Phone Number List to the planet cause by producing them. A plant-based egg production market has emerge and is experiencing constant growth. Vegan Egg was the first product to prepare scramble eggs. It is made from soy and is produce by the company Follow Your Heart . The texture, flavor, color and smell of these scramble eggs is incredible. Spero It is a start-up that produces liquid eggs from pumpkin seeds and whose protein content is greater than. That of eggs and is 20 times more sustainable and, therefore, better for the planet.


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