By dint of talking too much about your personal life, you end up forgetting your work. In the office, employers often deal with a talker. A bit of a special character, the talkative doesn’t seem interested in professional projects and points out his upcoming vacations, his brand new purchase and his plans for the weekend. These words can last for hours and at the end of the day, nothing concrete has been done. To manage this personality, employers must proceed in stages. Do not let it invade you and if the questions are sometimes excellent for maintaining a friendly atmosphere, it is often more effective to focus on working with the talker and not on his health, his family…. The first is to ask him where he is with his file, if he has managed to complete everything and to continue the conversations related to work. Of course, there is no question of closing the door in his face. Offer to chat over coffee after work or go for a short walk. The talkative will understand that you are interested in his conversations and will gladly accept!

The unsympathetic, managing his criticisms

Love for the boss is not Canadian Colleges Universities Email List his forte. The unsympathetic tends to deny you and does not deign to hide it. The weeks pass and this employee continues to abjure you. He is an expert in gossip and it is often difficult to catch him in the act. Do not panic. The best thing is to offer him to have a real conversation. Cards on the table, ask him what’s wrong and what he blames you for. Between facts and feelings, the unsympathetic will end up revealing everything and will tell you about what bothers him. And if ever there is no way to get him to talk, just tell him that you are both here to work and that it is not important to be the best friends in the world to have a consistent professional rendering. . For this reason,

The hypersensitive, a difficult character to manage but…

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Ah, the hypersensitive is probably the most complex individual. He takes absolutely anything you tell him wrong. This enigmatic case deserves special attention and too often, employers give up before even trying. Like a real Sherlock Holmes, try to discover discreetly what drives him to act like this. Has he been pushed around before or is he just touchy? In any case, always keep your calm and generate purely professional conversations. Above all, don’t be afraid to talk to him and say what you have to say clearly. As soon as the situation gets out of hand, put an end to it and let him know that you’re not going to come back to him if he doesn’t calm down.

The superior, managing it for cohesion

“I never make a mistake! This typical sentence of someone who thinks he is superior gets on your nerves. The superior is convinced that Mobile Lead he is doing everything to the letter and does not intend to progress. This difficult personality ends up jostling his colleagues and creating discomfort in the office. As the boss, consider throwing a little “everyone can be wrong” during a meeting. He will feel less powerful and will understand that his attitude can be a real poison. The other solution is to ask him to replace you. Very quickly, he will realize the consequences of his actions and will want to remedy them.

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