Has a beginning and an end. But it is the path that determines its good management and the effectiveness of interventions. Therefore. Identifying possible starting and ending points is essential to govern the process and intervene promptly to shorten its duration Path that determines its good and ruce damage. As stat by je lukaszewski. Professor at new york university. The “Golden hour” represents the crucial time in which the fate of an organization is decid during a crisis situation: managing this phase.

Effectively can minimize the damage

In fact. Crisis management is a crucial element in risk management and. More specifically. In ensuring business continuity. It involves defining and documenting the procures by which an organization makes decisions to address an incident that has a potentially email list significant impact. Although the initial creation of a crisis management plan (cmp) can be consider an isolat activity. Planning should be view as an ongoing process.

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The strategies select and the strategy implementation process are align with the organisation’s priorities and risk tolerance. The main steps of crisis management include: creation of the crisis management team – this is a group of people responsible Mobile Lead for strategically leading the organization’s response to a crisis situation. The team will be task with making crucial decisions to limit the impact of the incident and accelerate the restoration of normal business operations. Additionally.


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