Forum. It was not the first edition nor the second, it was the third. What they say that the second parts are not good and the third parts much less so does not apply to our case. We talked about how it was a success, not only because of the influx, which filled capacity, but because of the general flow. The credit went not only to the organization, but also to the attendees and the speakers. The third edition of the forum began with a motivating and energizing welcome from the host Marta Chillarón, director of the Las Naves innovation center of the Valencia City Council.

Fernando Garrido director of EOI

Mediterráneo and Olga Broto, director of . The Creative Economy Forum could not begin in any other way than with the introduction to the term by Juan Pastor, deputy director of Innova&action. The creative economy refers to industries directly related to creativity Israel WhatsApp Number Data and that make it a business, such as cinema, television, publishing, museums, music, performing arts, computer programming, crafts, architecture and design, but it goes further. What is currently understood as the creative economy occurs when companies cross the borders of their sector or environment to collaborate.

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Learn from or with others

Regardless of the sector. It’s about doing things differently to obtain hitherto unknown results. After delving into the concept, Olga Broto, together with Consuelo Alfonso Pérez, mayor of Andilla and president USA WhatsApp Number List of AMUFOR , presented Innovative Public Procurement to the speakers as a driver of innovation. What the CPI platform does is connect innovative solutions that innovative organizations work on with needs on the part of public administrations.


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