Now that you know what content you want to update and how you want to update it, it’s time to take action. At the eIf you don’t want to let go Because of whatnd of this step, you want to offer your users something newer and better.

The length of this step depends mainly on the gaps found. Aesthetic fixes that improve the readability and formatting of content do not require large expenditures. It is enough to log in to the CMS system and update it in a simple way.

It will take you much more time to prepare completely new content or update existing content. In this case, it will be easier to prepare a new text in Word.

Copy the existing text to a file, edit and rearrange paragraphs according to a predetermined plan. When you’re done making corrections, only then change them in the CMS using the appropriate formatting.

Another issue is how complex the update is. If you do everything yourself, you decide when you write, prepare infographics or produce video.


Step Four: Promote Refreshed Content

This is a point that a lot of people forget. The from  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accmere fact of updating content does not automatically mean that users will know about it. For them, the content they have already read is “old”.

It’s your responsibility to make sure they know about the interesting changes you’ve made. This is why you should promote your refreshed marketing content as intensively as you would promote a new blog post. In some cases even more so.

You can do it e.g. By:

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In case marketing content is updated by several people, think about creating a document that will allow you to track:

  • What changes are being made?
  • Who is responsible for these changes?
  • At what stage are the changes?

Remember that when refreshing marketing content, you can use all the systems you have developed for creating new content.

  • Pin or move the entry to the beginning Mobile Lead of the blog archive.
  • Adding internal links to updated content from other relevant sections of your website.
  • The use of a banner on a website that links to refreshed content.

Proven methods of promoting updated content also include activities conducted outside the website:

  • Send information from recipients on your email list.
  • Sending the Text to all mentioned or quoted persons.
  • Sharing the link on social media.
  • Use of online advertising.

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