According to the survey conducted by IFOP for LR Technologies Groupe, during an interview in a new company, almost all managers attach importance to the quality of first human contact (96%, including 52% of “very important”), the friendliness of the work environment (95% including 43% “very important”) and the atmosphere perceived in the workplace between employees (94% including 45% “very important”

How to achieve a successful integration?

Whether it is the local manager Colleges Universities Email List or any member of the team, integration remains essential. To perform in the field, it is necessary to prepare the collaborators by meetings focused on this subject in order to collect their feelings and their difficulties. It is not a question of abandoning your newcomer if your teams consider this integration as extra work and if it is a hindrance to carrying out their own mission and their tasks. It is therefore necessary to discuss with them in order to lead them to understand that eventual integration will be a valuable aid and will relieve them. They certainly have in their experience cases where the candidate left before the end of the probationary period. So,

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Each having their own hooked atoms, they must be Mobile Lead  prepared to integrate people who at first sight are not necessarily sympathetic to them. Preparation remains essential in this case. Your meetings must take place in a global framework and thus involve all the teams in the successful integration of the new element . The collaborator can quickly think that it is the role of the framework and not his. You will therefore have to anticipate this objection.

The involvement of the teams is the guarantee of the success of the integration.

The human criteria and the state of mind of the company play a major role in the decision to integrate a new structure. To a lesser degree, probably due to a greater difficulty in implementing this approach, 70% believe that it is important to have been able to meet future employees.

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