If it weren’t for their determination and bravery we would never know what happens to the animals trapped in the industry. No one has seen cruelty as close as they have. Documenting everything that happens to The Undercover  animals trapped in factory farms and slaughterhouses is not easy. But they are all professionals who are dedicated to helping animals. They have prepared themselves and have acquired a lot of knowledge but, above all, it is their courage that allows them to witness first-hand the immense suffering of animals. They are animal defenders, and that is why it is also very hard for them to know the reality of animal abuse on an industrial scale and all the horrors it entails. Because if they don’t do it, who will? The industry that profits from animal cruelty will never tell us the truth and that is why the work of our researchers is so important.

If it were not for their

Determination and bravery we would not know what is happening to the animals in there and it would be impossible to show other people the truth so that they can act to end the mistreatment of animals. Animal Equality together with TG2 reveals the chicken farm of horrors “We go where no television camera can go. We go in to show the Belgium Phone Number List world the terrible reality. “A reality full of mistreatment and brutality that animals suffer” Sara – Undercover researcher in Animal Equality. Entering these places is opening the doors to a world where compassion or any other positive quality that humans can have does not exist. There, suffering has not only been normalize. It has become a true science, and can be measured in figures that speak only of losses and gains. But whose victims are as alive and feeling as any of us.

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Maybe you didn’t know it

But there are heroes out there. You will never know their faces but, if they could, each of the animals they have met could tell you about them. They would tell you that the only caress they receive in their life was given to them by that human who. While extending his hand to reach it. Recorde his face with a camera to tell his story to millions Spain Phone Number List of people.  Anterior Next  More popular How to report animal abuse and cruelty in Mexico? (Part 1) All people can report animal abuse and cruelty. Below I will give you a brief guide to know how to do it. Green chicken meat: What is this?! October 28, There is something much more worrying than. The green color of chicken meat: the reason why it turns that way. You didn’t know it. But chickens are actually like very intelligent feathered cats or dogs. April 17, We are not here to repeat what popular belief says about them.


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